Mine Development

We can take your project from the exploration phase into mine construction to develop all the required underground infrastructure with the objective of delivering underground workings sufficient to begin stockpiling ore for your mill commissioning. 

  1. Pre-production mine development to establish an underground mine:
    • Ramps, declines, level developments.
    • Ventilation and ore/waste pass development.
    • Infrastructure development (mine refuge stations, shops, powder & cap magazines, fuel and lube bays, electrical and de-watering cutouts).
    • Communications system.
    • Distribution system for power, water, mine de-watering and compressed air if needed.
  2. Construction for:
    • Mine air heating.
    • Ventilation bulkheads.
    • Ventilation doors.
    • Dewatering pump rooms.
    • Chute installation for Orepass controls.