Reactivating a historic producer or older production area?  We can provide the required services to achieve your goals.

We can work with your geotechnical engineer(s) or recommend one for you to evaluate the existing workings for what ground control system is required to suit the required lifespan.  CanMine is equipped to scale, clean up and re-support the workings to an updated ground suppport plan.  We have experience with all types of rock bolts and the various ways they can be interfaced with meshes, screens, fibre shotcrete and plain shotcrete to produce a comprehensive support system.

  • Scale and re-support existing workings to bring them up to new standards.

With the increase in small hydroelectric power projects there will be a need for regular inspections and maintenance of the power tunnels conveying the water to the turbines.  CanMine can establish the required ventilation to provide safe access to perform the required maintenance activities.

  • Power tunnel maintenance - rock trap cleaning and re-support any problem areas.